The Future of Transportation

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 AirJoule  Integrated

AirJoule Integrated Into Existing HVAC System

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  • Energy reduced by up to 50%

  • City driving range per charge increased by up to 1.5x

  • All climates, including most extreme sub-zero

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AirJoule can be installed into new vehicles or into retrofitted vehicles to substantially increase driving range for electric and internal combustion powertrains.

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AirJoule Standalone

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AirJoule Standalone - Evaporative Cooling & Heating Platform

  • Eliminates Refrigerant 

  • Energy reduced by as much as 75%

  • City driving range per charge increased by up to 1.75x

  • Costs less than existing HVAC

Vehicles use a substantial amount of energy for heating and cooling. AirJoule reduces this energy consumption - enabling vehicles to operate longer, reducing costs per mile, and increasing electric driving range by up to 75%